JR&R Distributors Inc.

We are undisputed leader in our area of responsibility in terms of market share and profitable volume growth. Our business processes and customer service are most preferred by our customers over that of internal and external competitors.

We continue to lead in current best approaches and innovate on best practices for effectiveness and efficiency. We continue to excel and dominate in the community that we serve ad operate in-given our Ways of Working (WOW) and the level of execution that eventually translate to positive business results.

Financial leadership is our key strength. We excel in using financial data to plan, analyse and improve our business. We are the benchmark for cost efficiency in the industry. Our expertise in cost management allows us to reinvest long term and improve our employees’ standard of living and increase our leadership share in the market.

We are an organization of highly skilled and capable employees. Our success lies in the ownership of our people on core processes and results. Our employees can handle multiple tasks and responsibilities. Our sustainable growth comes from our drive to continually improve and excel. Our people are highly motivated, engaged and recognized for their valuable contribution to the company.

Together, We are the No. 1 Distributor always in all ways.